What is a VRV or Variable Cooling System?

(VARIABLE REFRIGERANT VOLUME) is a modern advanced system for air conditioning, and is considered a new birth for high-efficiency refrigeration systems in the world, and it will undoubtedly change and enter within the air conditioning systems for buildings with different cooling loads, and will provide a wide range of different applications for conditioning hotels, schools, government departments, homes, etc. With the simplicity of control and control.

Daikin was discovered and developed in Japan in 1982 and other companies began producing this system with the spread of its technology, but with different names (VRF) for many famous brands, such as (L.G “Multi-v” – Midea – Samsung – Mitsubishi)

Nafal Air Conditioning is one of the first companies in the Kingdom to provide this technology to its customers, and to help them with all information about the VRV system in many projects at the level of the Kingdom and the last of them, “The Health Insurance Tower Project – King Fahd Road in Riyadh.”

How does the VRV system work?

The system consists of one outdoor unit, connected with more than one indoor unit in its various forms, such as: hidden, cassette, wall, etc.

Compressors or compressors work with inverter or digital technology according to the names of each of the air conditioning companies that manufacture this system, in unconventional ways, as these systems contain smart electronic boards or panels that receive all the data of the internal units and the cooling loads required for each of them. This data then sends the “required cooling load” to the compressors, which reduces and greatly reduces energy expenditures from other systems.

The copper extension network between the internal and external units can reach 1000 meters “100 vertical + 900 horizontal”, which provides solutions in buildings and high towers, not to allocate a role to the services in which the external units are placed.

Connecting more than one indoor unit to one outdoor unit helps to provide surface areas and not to accumulate the outdoor units on the roofs of buildings and homes.

Why is VRV the best right now ??

VRV system is one of the modern integrated solutions, as it has achieved the following basic equation:

_ The lowest energy consumption so far compared to any other air conditioning system, as Nafal provides its customers with the estimated cost of consuming the electricity bill compared to the rest of the systems.

_ Reducing breakdowns by a large percentage, because it reduces the size of used accessories compared to other systems.

_ Fault detection and identification electronically through the system, and the system can be linked to the Internet to receive notifications and faults before they occur.

Reducing the amount of noise and vibration caused by outdoor units.